General Information and Staging for the Shoot

The photo shoot will take between one and three hours to complete. It is important to make the property as open and pleasing as possible and there are a few things to keep in mind while preparing the home. Below is a checklist to help you get ready. I will be taking images of both the interior and exterior of the property. I usually exclude certain spaces like the garage or shop areas, laundry rooms, walk-in closets or utility rooms unless there are special features that would of interest to a buyer. Those areas would be a great place to store things out of sight for the shoot. If there are special features of the home that are not obvious please let me know if you want them included. Remember that any potential buyer is looking at the spaces and the flow of the property and not so much about the furniture and accessories (less is more). A clean and balanced setting is your best approach. Make sure any pets are out of site for the shoot. Turn on all the lights including lamps and make sure all the bulbs are working and I will turn them off as I complete an area. Turn off any ceiling fans. If you have any questions, please let me if you have any questions.

Interior Living Spaces:

• In the primary living spaces remove any clutter including newspapers, magazines, personal photos and other personal objects that you might not want visible in public advertising.

• Arrange furnishings in an open, inviting and pleasing position.

• Open or close window coverings in a balanced manner.

• Cleanup or remove wires or electrical cords

• All kids toys, dog beds, miscellaneous items etc. should be removed

• Dust all the areas and clean all glass doors and mirrors

• Fluff all sofa and chair pillows and arrange nick-knacks in a balanced manner

• In the dining room and eating spaces arrange the chairs appropriately and a flower arrangement or setting the table with colorful plates and wine glasses might be a nice touch.

• Check the lighting to make sure all the bulbs are working

• Remove oversized furniture where possible in small rooms to help add size to the space


• Remove all small appliances, soap, dish towels and rags, etc. from the counter tops and remove trash receptacles (small pleasing stainless steel or special appliances are ok)

• Clean and polish all surface areas (don’t forget to clean all stainless steel appliances)

• A bowl of fruit or fresh flower arrangements in appropriate sizes and placement are helpful

• Remove photo’s, pictures, notes, calendars etc. from the refrigerator and walls


• Remove all floor matts and rugs

• Clean shower doors, mirrors and vanity tops

• Remove all soap, towels (except decorative towels), washcloths, personal items, shampoo bottles, hair dryers, etc.

• Vanities should be completely clear of any items that are not decorative


• Make all the beds and arrange fluffed pillows in a balance manner

• Remove all clutter and personal items that you don’t want viewed in public advertising

• Open curtains and make the space as inviting and welcoming as possible

Exterior Areas

• Remove any vehicles from the driveway and away from the front of the property

• Clean up all debris and remove pet and kids items where possible

• Put outdoor garbage receptacles out of site

• Cut the grass; trim shrubberies, trees, etc. as needed.

• Remove garden hoses, tools, basketball nets, dead planters, etc

• Remove patio furniture covers and raise any umbrellas

• Arrange any outdoor furniture in a balance and inviting position

• Sweep or blow-off driveways and walkways

• Clean the pool if you have one • Turn on any outdoor water features

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